Playlist for the Plague Den

I made a playlist based on what I was listening to last spring and summer (2020) as I was stuck in the Plague Den where I lived.

gif of manul scratching at a glass pane in that classic 'let me out' way cats do

I'm probably forgetting a lot, but here's a sampler from a truly horrible time in my life (lol). It's a mixed bag of genres. It's all good but if you don't like a track (wrong opinion) then just skip ahead.

I've been wanting to get back into making playlists, and now I found BNDCMPR, which allows you to make bandcamp playlists - that's my main music hub so this is fantastic. (I found a link to it here, shout out to everyone who has a "cool links" section on their site, it's my favorite thing).

Please buy from the artists if you like what you hear and give a little tip!

Plague Den

Or if the player disagrees, click this link to listen (also handy if you want to give me "vibes"). Here's the track list. Click songs for bonus tidbits.

yes i do - yrstruly
This song is so lovely, isn't it? The album is really good, but only seven people have bought it what is UP. I just feel like this song gets me. I am angry too.

why am I so selfish
I sing while you're dying
yes I do

Chiri Chiri Juso - Kikuo
One of my friends has described this song as "creepy". That's fair enough I think. I wanted it early in the playlist because it gives that kind of feeling that festers in your brain when your roommate is taking "Nightlife is closing down due to Covid numbers" to mean "Party for all of my friends every night at my place". No this did not end well for me (It went fine for him tho lol)

About the song: I've always thought this was one of Kikuo's more honest songs, in that his lyrics are always about some fucked up shit, but usually the songs sound pretty cheery. This one is exactly as.. the tin sounds when you tap it?

Here's a video with English lyrics (press the cc button).

chiri chiri chiri chiri
chiri chiri chiri chiri

2muchonmypl8 - beardy
I associate this with sitting on my couch (that lives with my friend now) in a room overheated from the sun (sweltering heat for fur of manul). This artist's music is comforting to me.

anxious (anxious)

Recipe - Little Teeth
I wasn't able to stay awake for more than 5h at a time, so I'd play this short album on repeat for naptimez. Definitely a comforting but raw song.. the sound collage, different uses of the voice and fantastic lyrics. Excuse me while I shed a tear. Headphones kind of song!

I will be kind

Apple dot com - PinocchioP
This is such a banger. I love this song. Listening through this playlist now (made it two days ago) and I have to say, following up with this one after Recipe.. that is kind of mean!

I really think the producer acting back up singer to a vocaloid is such a bold move! I love it! And the fucking flute aaaahahaha!! So funny

Here's the video with English subs. I suggest you check it out, but be mindful since it is about.. having no faith in your life.

stray dogs bite
they'll bite again anyway
so I'll roll up my sleeves and let them bite me

Plastic Love (Synthwave remix) - Astrophysics
You've finally managed to call some kind of help hotline. The doctor was so confused. You've been crying and sleeping and crying and sleeping and blasting this song for hours and hours. It's been months. You're still sick. You are not going to be healthy for a long, long time.

The original by Mariya Takeuchi is here, it's great.

I'm just playing games
I know this plastic love
dance to the plastic beat
another morning comes

Turn to Hate - Orville Peck
I was practically inhaling this album for a while there, it's so good. So good! Does anyone know why the Show Pony album is not on Bandcamp? I really want it.

This is my favorite song from the album. I ALMOST FORGOT TO PUT IT ON HERE. I was blasting that first part (It's got an awful bite / it's gonna rise again) and rewinding and blasting it and rewinding and so on. And then I made some life altering decisions. It's really true, all of it. This entire song is so true. I am just another boy stuck in the rye. The music video is also pretty cute?

Don't let my sorrow turn to hate

Hold On, Sailor - Jenna Caravello
This is the ending song from The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia. It's really good, watch it. It's like, 45 min?

did you see the big wave coming
did you feel the planet moving
will you know that you've been missing
all the time you're losing

Applegate (1) - Little Teeth
I love this album because it's a solid wall of sound with nice lyrics and moments to breathe, still. And just lots of human noises.

real or at least me
at least not me

The Fire - Jan Jurchak
Also from the Ascensia movie. I just think it's pleasant.

ur atmosphere - beardy
Again, so pleasant...
I'm burning up

Well, thanks for listening! Hope you've enjoyed yourself. As always, take care everyone.

- Local Manul