It is fall!

Hey Everyone, I wanted to check in. It's been a while due to reasons. I've actually written a bunch of posts for the blog, in my mind. SO you won't get to see them (They were depressing anyway -> you lucked out LOL)

Fall is my favorite season, I love wind. So much good food now. Pumpkin? Amazing. Fruits. It's fucking Cabbage season, how is that not exciting. It gets dark at night! I am actually dressing for the temperatures, instead of sweating in pants and my stupid jacket. You can go out into the forest and find so many mushrooms (I love mushrooms). It's amazing.

Anyway, I've decided to become obsessed with acorns. All I think about is the oak tree. I'm collecting the acorns for acorn flour, very excited to be baking acorn bread in the future! If you want to know more about acorn foraging... well I'm working on a post (rn I have 70+ tabs open about acorns for my research). But if you want a sneak peek (and all the information you reasonably need), download this zine and you're all set: Eating Acorns. It's pwyw.

a cupped hand holds a brown, shiny acorn in the shell. as well as a light, unshelled acorn, and the two halves of the shell, insides facing up, showing off the beautiful, pink/magenta insides of the shell

Aren't they beautiful?

That's all I had for now. Stay fresh

A curious manul pokes its head up from inside a huge pumpkin, four times its own size or so. It looks around, then pulls its head back down again

Local Manul out

Bonus Absolute acorn perk is you can start spamming your friends and group chats with pictures of your loot and then send them this when they ignore your many nut pics:
A close up of a cat's face, taken slightly from below to imitate a selfie. The text 'I showed you my nuts please respond' is overlaid, so the image imitates one sent with Snapchat or similar. It's a meme