some sort of robot cat with laserbeams coming out of its eyes. Is it searching for something?
An egg cat (fried) with two legs goes for a walk
Funny little cat with a halo sits on top of a tower in the universe, staring at a fried egg
Headless, naked body holding a pink, headles (?) cat over its shoulders. Primary color focus.
Three cats with big cheeks on top of each other, all tangled up
Unfinished sketch of a torso holding a huge cat. Instead of a face, the head bends into a pacman-esque huge mouth.
In a pan sits an egg cat with its face on the yolk, and a sphinx cat named Bacon.
A two legged egg cat with a face on the yolk going on a walk.
Face turned away holding up a huge hand. Primary colors dominantly.
A tuxedo cat attacking a hand.
Three strange cats sit in the lap of two human thighs. They are held by a hand but the person is not visible
Portrait of someone with many primary color bandaids, looking at the viewer.
Someone studying themself ina  mirror, touching their face turned slightly to the side, which has many dots, or what looks like swatches of paint.
Person on dark background sitting bend over, a light where their torso isn't. Between 2 and 4 legs, depending on interpretation.
Pencil drawing of a polite looking manul.
A simple red cat painted over a photo of some dark stone stairs surrounded by greenery and lit by a street lamp.
A fancy guard stands outside a lit window with a flag on a sword, looking suspicious.
Strawberry frog covered in chocolate and with a sprout on its head sits in a fancy glass on top of scoops of ice cream.
Human and tier look at eachs others faces up close, touching them, cutting them open. The tiger looks goofy. There is a glowing eyball inside the human's cut up face.
Red cat out drying with the laundry on a windy day. Its huge cheeks have been hung up with clothespins as well, making it smile.