A colored drawing with a crayonlike texture and warm, orange, red tones. It features a naked person with closed eyes, curled around a hairless cat. The mood is calm
Simple black and white line drawing featuring three crudely drawn black cats with tall ears, tails upright, plenty of whiskers, and buttholes showing. One in the foreground, one in the middle, and a tiny one it the back, all walking awy from the viewer. The background is mostly white with a few snowflakes flying about.
Black and white line drawing. In the foreground, a sideways sillhouette of a witchy looking person + black cat, looking at the viewer. Behind them, a big bonfire burns with smoke into the dark sky, and the fire itself is contrasted by dark trees behind it. Lots of diagonal lines here, creating a feeling of movement/imbalance/wind
Black and white drawing of a cat jumping so fast to catch a fly that it blurs
Collagestyle drawing of a cat raising its back and looking thoughtful. It's butt blends into the night sky. at its feet, a small cat, and beside this drawing, two curious, long-faced cats, one sitting on the other's head
Black and white line drawing, showing a distorted entryway with an open door. Almost too big for the doorway, poking its head inside, is a fucked up bulky, lanky figure with no real face, two horns, and a silly little baby hand poking out from its suitlike clothes. In front of it, the dog, a cute and goofy little cavalier spaniel. The light is dramatic, eeire, and blood tracks lead from the door off to the right side, cut off by the edge of the picture.
Line drawing of a horse with no mane, an akhal teke, the nudists of horses. It is facing away from the viewer, having a smoke. On its back, a dark sphynx cat with crumpled and curly whiskers loafs. They are the nudist club, and they are on a day trip
Line drawing of a dark horse and a tuxedo cat playing rock paper scissors, somehow. They are friends
Sketch drawing of a cat crying many tears
Black and white rough sketch, vague and omnious. Waist up, someone holding a white snakelike cat in front of themself. No faces visible
Sketchy black and white drawing of someone crying and holding a potato shaped cat to their face
Black and white line drawing of a shorter than usual haired afghan hound. It is walking, looking over it's shoulder, with stars around its head
Line drawing of a border leichester sheep, seen from the side. It is wearing rubber boots, and between its legs a cat snakes around. It is raining
In a little square in the middle is a headshot portrait of a red, yellow, orange colored cat with a big insane grin, big fangs, tiny eyes and swirly whiskers. The portrait has a blue background with a red border. Around the portrait, most of the picture is left a textured, warm orange
Green textured paper background, in the middle is a square with a head shot portrait of the tuxedo cat. It has a comical, overdone frown, and its long whiskers reach outside of the little square frame and frazzle at the end. Behind it is a dramatic, abstract image, a little like clouds or waves, dark blue tones at the top going into light, then light and saturated at the bottom.
Green paper background, in the middle is a square portrait of a cat with a long, square face. It looks self-satisfed, its whiskers billowing behind it out of the frame, one arm leaned on the edge of the frame, it looks ahead. The background is blue, with a red shape in the top right corner, invoking the shape of a car window