A black cat is falling into the open maw of a medieval hellmouth-like lion's maw. It's maw blazes all around.

Carnivore / You Are Food To Me

Black and white line drawing from inside a stairway, looking up at the next landing where a huge poodle face is growling out of the doorway

The second floor neighbor's huge poodle mix keeps cornering me in the stairway and growling..

Portrait of the long hair calico Nutmeg aka 'Triangle head', shown in a square in the middle. Calm and dignified with curly whispers. Colors are orange. Portrait of the dilute tuxedo Latte, fast and insane, with whiskers emphasizing motion. Green colors.

Portraits of the two co-cats Nutmeg and Latte

Two long and small fish lay on a plate, glistening. The striped tablecloth draws the eye to them, as a strange cat-like creatures hovers over the plate.

Real and fake.

New Years Cover of the hit magazine Smirkdeņa, showing a dark cat in profile, with smoke and fireworks in the background. Perhaps more menacing than celebratory
Cover of hit magazine Smirkdeņa in pink, pale green and ultramarine blue tones. Illustration is a shapely siamese cat, sitting by a vase and looking up at the bouquet of pink bleeding heart and cosmo flowers