'Cat in a woman's body', crosscut of a human head, revealing cat inside, looking out blank page 'it is hard for me to see and navigate' cat inside shadowed head, looking out 'the eye holes are small and i don't understand what's going on most of the time', front view of face, cat peeking out thru an eye 'and i am small so i cna only see out of one eye at once', front view of face, cat peeking out thru an eye 'i wonder which eye you're seeing out of', zoom on eye cat is looking out of 'i wonder if you've figured me out?', zoom on eye with whiskers poking out scene break 'I don't have a strong sense of self. I am a cat inside a 'woman's body'', cat and human faces overlayed 'i cannpot se myself in the mirror becaues my face gets in the way', human face too close to mirror with cat reflection 'but I don't know what that face looks like. i can't imagine', two eyes with the cat looking out 'i can't imageine what i look like at all', cat peeking out of human face that is too close to the mirror again scene break 'i can't sleep at night. But i like to imagine things', cat rolled up inside sleeping human head 'i am a cat in a 'dog's body'', cat inside dog body 'i am running fast! woof!', cat inside fast running dog 'i am a cat in a 'fish's body'', cat inside fish 'or perhaps in the 'body of a lettuce', cat rolled up in lettuce i am just me. That is the hardest to imagine', tiny cat 'perhaps i should've been a snail', cat peeking out of snail shell scene break 'i look at other cats and realise they are not me', hands holding up cat 'there is nothing to be done about it' scene break 'is it cowardly to accept my circumstances?' 'I have done my best to learn. I study art', cat inside face looking at Pierre Bonnard's 'the white cat' 'I don't understand what I see. But maybe no one does', cat ponders this 'Perhaps it is sad but it is also kind of funny, to be a cat in a 'woman's body', POV you are drawing a cat 'I see no point in wanting to be something else', cat peeks out of eyehole at cat on its body's shoulder 'it is a body. Not a shell', cat silhoutte attached to the inside of a head by a spiderweb-like net 'you couldn't open the lid and let me out', cat ears and whiskers poking out of the top of a head, opened like a can scene break 'fin', cat peeking out eyes '2022/2023,'